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Bob’s early passions were for watching steam trains and playing rugby.

He got his first camera as a 21st birthday present and, after a few weeks practice, snapping the family and pets, started to create landscapes and snatch sporting action shots.

Bob is a dedicated photographer of land, sea and townscapes, and of the wildlife and people within them, both close to home in Northern Ireland, and as far away as time and funds will allow. He has a keen eye for texture and detail, and a series of his images will contain wide views interspersed with abstracts and close-ups of smaller features. He has an ever-growing collection of images of strange shop signs.....

Over the past 30 years Bob has recorded rugby, soccer, gaelic football, cricket, hockey, swimming, athletics, boxing, gymnastics, marathon, archery, target-shooting, rowing, sailing, water-skiing, motor racing, motorcycling and powerboat events.

In 1990 he was the first (and only) amateur photographer to win the title of Northern Bank Sports Photographer of the Year, and was Northern Bank Amateur Sports Photographer of the Year in 1989, 1990 and 1991.

In 1999, he was awarded the Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain for a panel of 16 slides. In September 2008 he was accepted into the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP), as a Licentiate, following his submission of a panel of 20 photographs from recent weddings.

Since 2013 he has had over 650 acceptances in photographic exhibitions worldwide, including 17 gold medals amongst his 87 awards

Bob started his photography career using a Yashica 35mm SLR. After a series of Olympus 35mm cameras, he switched to Canon EOS 35mm. He finally ‘went digital’ in 2004, with a Canon EOS 1D2 and currently uses a Canon 1DX as his main camera.

His move to digital photography inspired me to take up photography again, and (somehow) to become Bob's assistant at sports events and particularly at weddings, occasions where an extra person can always be useful.
As a former Landscape Archaeologist, I have an enthusiasm for land and seascapes, and for including monuments and architecture in our travel itineraries. I have a developing interest in creative studio portraiture and art history. I use a Canon 5D3 camera and have a fine collection of thermal and waterproof gear in which to enjoy sport and outdoor photography, in weather conditions that have ranged from a rainy day in Antrim to sunshine in Antarctica!

The skills and techniques learned from landscape and action photography benefit our work in portraiture, family studies and event photography, and the variety constantly refreshes our enthusiasm for the photographic work we undertake for clients. Our personal work, including our exhibition images, can be seen at www.bobandanne.pics

Annie Given
writing from long experience!